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2-20-08  Bought a Sur-Trek. Posted Phots.

1-21-08  Added page about the French ATV called Poncin.

10-13-07  Philipsburg ATV Rodeo September 22,2007

8-03-07 Added  info to the M29c Weasel Page  about new replacement tracks.

4-7-07 Added photos to the Hugglunds Page.

3-19-07 Added a video of my Trackster in the snow... Bottom of page.

9-23-06 Philipsburg ATV Rodeo Philipsburg Pa.

8-9-06 Posted pictures of Copper Ridge

12-05-05  Added photos to the Surtrek Page

11-13-05 Added photos to the PPT page.

11-3-05 Photos of Don Kinyon's Water Cooled Attex Superchief Project

10-9-05 Made Control Stick mounts for Scrambler.

10-01-05 finished Chain adjuster on Scrambler Project

9-27-05 Mocked up Chain adjuster on Scrambler Project

9-26-05 Photos of the Philipsburg ATV Rodeo September 24,2005

9-12-05 Made Jack-shafts  Scrambler I'm rebuilding.

8-2-05 Added more pictures to Scrambler I'm rebuilding.

7-25-05 Added more pictures to Scrambler I'm rebuilding.

7-21-05 Posted pic on.  Scrambler parts I'm prepping.

5-28-05 Posted some more photos of Scrambler parts I'm prepping.

5-14-05 Started to work on Scrambler.

04-17-05 Added some photos of a J5 

04-06-05  Seems someone hijacked my domain name under .cc, so I had to re-list it under www.joesgarage.us  and re-list it on some of the search engines.

11-16-04 Photos of restored J-5

9-29-04 Philipsburg Photos ATV Rodeo

8-27-08 Finished the top portion of the Trackster Paint Job

6-13-04  Started to repaint the Trackster. 

3-8-04  Gary Lacy has his Weasel and Halftrack for Sale

2-24-04  Danniel Behun sent in some photos of his Playcat.

1-2-04  Two photos of Darren Baker's Playcat

12-25--03  Howard is selling his Coot! Check out the Howard's Coot Page.


12-8-02   MAX II with 295 JLO two stroke FOR SALE

01-29-03  Sierra Trail Boss FOR SALE

01-31-03 Triton Predator FOR SALE

2-3-03 Coot Tom's trip to AZ   COOT PAGE

2-11-03 Added photos of Douglas Islieb's PLAYCAT

2-11-03 Added photos of Tim Nistler's  JD-5 Bombi

4-7-03  Gary Suvak sent me some photos of a Vehicle called a Prairie Bob Cat.

4-30-03 Added photos from Pete Cagle's Spring Ride 2003

5-6-03   Added Photos to the Trackster Page.

5-14-03 Added more photos to Pete Cagle's Spring Ride 2003

5-14-03 Added Photos of refinished Engine Hood to the Trackster Page.

5-30-03 Added Photos to the Wilderness Page

6-7-03   Road Trip. Trackster Page.

6-9-03  Up date on the Wilderness Page

6-12-03 Posted Photos of Tim Pelletier's Coot Restoration 

12-6-03 Posted some photos of my Trackster out in are first snow this year here in Pa.



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