Sperry Rand Wedge

These are photos of Chris Cerrato's Wedge. 

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Chris sent a few more photos of his wedge.

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P7180046.JPG (62989 bytes)



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Here are some shots of Gary Harper's 295 Wedge. It's a basket case!  He has a lot of work too do on this one!

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Here are some shots of Brody's Wedge.

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Bakinside.jpg (287431 bytes)


Brody put his Sperry Rand Wedge up for sale.   I couldn't pass it up... Their so rare!

Here are a few shots of the Wedge Tranny.

tranwed2002_0918_200448AA.JPG (82922 bytes)     wtranf2002_0918_200511AA.JPG (85873 bytes)


wengine2002_0918_200522AA.JPG (86653 bytes)     wfront2002_0918_200406AA.JPG (83556 bytes)     wfront22002_0918_202636AA.JPG (84812 bytes)     wtop2002_0918_200413AA.JPG (86972 bytes)     


Steering clutches

Found a Pat # on the Clutch Plate and looked it up.  Found the original Design Patent with the US Patent Office. Ordered Copies. When I get them I'll post them.

wclutch2002_0921_212914AA.JPG (86119 bytes)     wclutch22002_0921_212637AA.JPG (87936 bytes)     wclutch32002_0921_212653AA.JPG (88033 bytes)  

Seat removed... Showing Brake Cables. and one Steering Cable, the other Steering Cable was removed. 

 insidew2002_0921_212044AA.JPG (87709 bytes)


Sperry Rand Tri-Cart

John Plessinger developed a concept for a three-wheel recreational vehicle. The "TriCart" (tm) manufacturing was licensed by the Sperry Rand Corporation which produced about 40,000 units. Unlike later designs, Plessingerís model had the rider sitting "in" the cart instead of "on" it. His design was more stable and much less likely to tip over. Plessinger has since developed a four-wheel vehicle that would under cut the price of currents models on the market priced around $5000. He hopes to license its production to another manufacturer.

tricart2S.jpeg (19975 bytes)

tricart1S.jpeg (13732 bytes)     mudslingS.jpeg (40149 bytes)     mudsling1S.jpeg (38944 bytes)     mattS.jpeg (20330 bytes)     cartrearS.jpeg (18032 bytes)

Design Evolution 4, Inc

John Plessinger, President

B.F.A. with honors, Industrial design Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, Ohio 1961-66

and in conjunction with University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio 1963-66

Awarded Atelier Scholarship at Dayton Art Institute for 1965-66

M.F.A. with honors, Industrial Design/Composite Materials

Cranbrook Academy of Arts and Sciences, Bloomfield, Michigan 1968

Worked as a design consultant for Progressive Technology, Inc. from 1966 to 1969. Designed TriCart (tm), a three-wheeled, all terrain vehicle.

Sold the TriCart (tm) patent to Sperry Rand Corporation and signed contract as design manager. Produced composite components in polyester resins from 1969 to 1973.

Established own company in 1973 in partnership with Jerry Myers and Lorrie Plessinger. John became president of Design Evolution 4, Inc. Developed Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) techniques to overcome problems and continually strives to exceed customer expectations.

Proposes bids, estimates costs, negotiates terms and techniques for all the projects performed by Design Evolution.




Found a Tri-cart. It needs alot of work!

tricart1.JPG (151629 bytes)     tricart10.JPG (114424 bytes)     tricart3.JPG (109556 bytes)     tricart5.JPG (121087 bytes)     tricart6.JPG (119784 bytes)


50f02-10-5(16-50).jpg (78599 bytes)     51f02-10-5(16-50).jpg (68209 bytes)     52f02-10-5(16-50).jpg (80680 bytes)     53f02-10-5(16-50).jpg (70960 bytes)     54f02-10-5(16-50).jpg (76835 bytes)


Got the TriCart on 10-12-02. Lance Dolfi delivered it .    Started to disassemble it.

DSCF0104.JPG (140454 bytes)     DSCF0105.JPG (140870 bytes)      DSCF0107.JPG (136844 bytes)     DSCF0117.JPG (125926 bytes)

DSCF0116.JPG (137296 bytes)     DSCF0115.JPG (124476 bytes)     DSCF0114.JPG (119061 bytes)


tribody.JPG (147627 bytes)     tirback.JPG (158863 bytes)     triinside.JPG (111473 bytes)     



TJ  ( Tim Startt ) found a Wedge!  Here are some shots of it.

wedgy 1.JPG (42135 bytes)     wedgy 2.JPG (37848 bytes)     wedgy 3.JPG (39929 bytes)     wedgy 4.JPG (36590 bytes)     wedgy 6.JPG (33880 bytes)

wedgy 9.JPG (27684 bytes)


More photos of TJ's Wedge.

MVC-023S.JPG (29539 bytes)     MVC-024S.JPG (51683 bytes)     MVC-025S.JPG (27832 bytes)     MVC-030S.JPG (41352 bytes)     MVC-032S.JPG (31547 bytes)





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