Well, added another vehicle to my collection!  A Marc Xll Scrambler. It's all original, and not in bad shape.  The tires are the Firestone Flotation, and are in real nice shape too! Their is a odd-ball  tire that came with it, a ( High Flex by B.F. Goodrich )  never saw one of those before. Anyone out there know what they were used on? let me know.  

Scram6-1-01.JPG (84624 bytes)     Scram2.JPG (86318 bytes)     Scram3.JPG (85227 bytes)     Scram4.JPG (84428 bytes)     



Started to dismantle my Scrambler.  Removed the Engine so far.

scram2001_0904_175906AA.JPG (85747 bytes)    scrambk2001_0904_175924AA.JPG (89177 bytes)     scrambk22001_0904_175934AA.JPG (90368 bytes)     scramdr22001_0904_180007AA.JPG (86181 bytes)

scramdri2001_0904_175944AA.JPG (88522 bytes)     scrameng2001_0904_180228AA.JPG (87684 bytes)     scrameng2001_0904_191717AA.JPG (81682 bytes)     scrameng2001_0904_191729AA.JPG (83891 bytes)

scrameng2001_0904_191740AA.JPG (79647 bytes)     scramft22001_0904_180036AA.JPG (87065 bytes)     scramtan2001_0904_180210AA.JPG (88936 bytes)     scramtrn2001_0904_191750AA.JPG (83183 bytes)


Removed everything from the lower Body.

inside2001_0913_185926AA.JPG (90408 bytes)     inside22001_0913_185939AA.JPG (87821 bytes)     bottom2001_0913_190100AA.JPG (86367 bytes)     botclos2001_0913_185957AA.JPG (88129 bytes)

bottom22001_0913_190006AA.JPG (88280 bytes)


incln22001_0915_115803AA.JPG (86743 bytes)     insdcln2001_0915_115959AA.JPG (105056 bytes)     ousidelt2001_0915_120024AA.JPG (92228 bytes)     ouside2001_0915_120012AA.JPG (90596 bytes)

Got most of the Grease off. with a Grease Remover.   Did a small spot with the Sandblaster to see how that would work for taking the rest off. Works Great!

splast2001_0915_125717AA.JPG (93498 bytes)     splast22001_0915_125726AA.JPG (92612 bytes)     


Cleaned the Engine Frame and Motor Mount.   Found Cracks and Breaks that need to be fixed.

frame22001_0916_172204AA.JPG (90215 bytes)     momount2001_0916_172344AA.JPG (88965 bytes)     weld42001_0916_172258AA.JPG (83658 bytes)


Got one side of the Transmission apart.

inbaring2001_1006_150412AA.JPG (84142 bytes)     clutchtp2001_1006_150349AA.JPG (92481 bytes)     tranpar22001_1006_151130AA.JPG (90958 bytes)     tranpar32001_1006_151124AA.JPG (90748 bytes)     tranpar52001_1006_151104AA.JPG (86865 bytes)    

transhft2001_1006_150424AA.JPG (92336 bytes)


Got the whole Transmission apart. 

trans2001_1008_172529AA.JPG (84889 bytes)



scram5.jpg (100214 bytes)     scramwat.jpg (47554 bytes)     scramwhel.jpg (49335 bytes)     pg1.jpg (120367 bytes)

strial.jpg (52107 bytes)     strk.jpg (46205 bytes)     strk2.jpg (32903 bytes)     

Richard Burley's Scrambler

Mrscram.jpg (105989 bytes)

Ruben Magana's Scrambler... check out the full story at Route 6X6 .

grn1.jpg (57405 bytes)     grn2.jpg (62641 bytes)     grn3.jpg (62818 bytes)     grn4.jpg (63781 bytes)     grn6.jpg (57574 bytes)

grn7.jpg (58550 bytes)     grn5.jpg (55617 bytes)

Here are some Pics of Gary Harper's Scrambler.

Garyscrm7.JPG (41963 bytes)     Garyscrm6.JPG (26932 bytes)     Garyscrm5.JPG (25810 bytes)

Garyscrm4.JPG (53005 bytes)     Garyscrm3.JPG (60811 bytes)     Garyscrm2.JPG (63329 bytes)

Garyscrm1.JPG (37445 bytes)


Steve sent in these pics of his Scrambler Gotchas



Well, it's been a little over three years since I got my Scrambler. I started to do the restoration, then left it sit. I'm picking up where I left off.  Started to sandblast the bearing flanges and axles. Here are some before and after pics.  The bearings are pretty much all shot! I found New outer flange plate seals. the inner bearing flange housings are ok, and they take standard bearings, but the bearings require a rubber bearing cover / grommet , which I haven't found yet. I may have to find  replacement flange housings. 

I'm going to use a T-20 rather then the original transmission, and a JLO 400cc engine. Hope to have it done for the 2005 ANNUAL EASTERN AMPHIBIOUS 6 & 8 WHEELER JAMBOREE; July 14,15 and 16. 

wpe1.jpg (28360 bytes)  wpe4.jpg (31431 bytes)  wpe6.jpg (47443 bytes)  wpe8.jpg (43321 bytes)  wpeA.jpg (38111 bytes)  wpeC.jpg (41096 bytes)



Before and after shots of the chain adjusters.

wpe1.jpg (80237 bytes)



Some more shots of parts I'm prepping.

parts1.JPG (315751 bytes)  parts2.JPG (310724 bytes)  parts3.JPG (310609 bytes)  sprok2.JPG (331286 bytes)  Spro1.JPG (315192 bytes)



Some pics of the lower body.

scrm1.JPG (338496 bytes)  scram2.JPG (321741 bytes)  scram3.JPG (336166 bytes)



Put new seals in outside flange plates.

newseals.jpg (95645 bytes)

Also got all new inside bearings, going to pick up outside axle bearings tomorrow.



Made new cork seals for outer bearing flanges

cork.jpg (321945 bytes)

Couldn't find the rubber grommets for the inner bearings, so I used a silicon / rubber sealant.

silicon.jpg (299357 bytes)

Installed all the axles... Next week I'm going to start on the installation of the T-20

I painted the inside in a few spots because of the fiberglass, it was rubbing off on me when I would reach inside. I'm going to paint it all in a few days, also need to clean out a little bit of the sand which is still in the bottom from the sand blasting process 

sindide.JPG (338022 bytes)


Here's a couple of shots. of the JLO 400 that I'm going to be using in the Scrambler.

JLO 400 1 .jpg (167168 bytes)  JLO4002.jpg (137032 bytes)

Did a quick sealing spray. Need to do a few good coats yet.

Scramspray.jpg (135906 bytes)

Shot of Lower tub.

lower tub.jpg (176396 bytes)


Mock Up!

Got the Engine and Tranny in. Still need to do a lot of adjusting before I mount everything permanently. 

engineS.jpg (139007 bytes)  engineF.jpg (135872 bytes)


Had to make some changes with the engine and Tranny set up; had some clearance issues. Still having alignment problems. Got it as close as I could. The body is so warped, it's hard to get everything to line up correctly. 

Engtran.jpg (189090 bytes)  Engtran2.jpg (183039 bytes)

Next issue to tackle is the jack-shaft. I'm using 3/4" 3/16 keyed shaft and pillow blocks.




Did a little more work on the Scrambler.

Waiting for the jack-shafts to arrive.

engtran.jpg (123653 bytes)



Still waiting for the jack-shafts, so I had a old piece of 3/4" tubing that I'm using to mock up the shafts. Had too cut down the hubs on the # 41 sprockets to get them to fit.

      chain1.jpg (122643 bytes)  chain2.jpg (121554 bytes)  chain3.jpg (130313 bytes)  chain4.jpg (129240 bytes)



Got the Jack-shafts done #50 chain from the t-20 to the Jack-shafts then down to # 41 chain which is the original setup. Need too make chain adjusters between the t-20 and Jack-shafts. Also made shifter assembly.

jshaft.jpg (134509 bytes)


scram9 25 05.jpg (126648 bytes)



Mocked up chain adjuster on one side.

scram6.jpg (127325 bytes)  scram7.jpg (123603 bytes)  scram8.jpg (118324 bytes)  scram9.jpg (133450 bytes)  scrm3.jpg (131698 bytes)  scrm4.jpg (124656 bytes)


Finished the chain adjusters. Bought # 41 adjuster sprockets with the bearings already pressed in and used scrap parts too fabricate the brackets. Used old bearing axle from one of the bogie wheels of my Trackster too make sprocket mounting shafts.

adjust1.jpg (185324 bytes) adjust2.jpg (177211 bytes) adust3.jpg (168745 bytes) adjust4.jpg (130600 bytes) tub1.jpg (137612 bytes)


Made the Control Sick mounts 

stick1.jpg (360551 bytes)  scramstick2.jpg (390987 bytes) scramstick3.jpg (346721 bytes)  scramstick4.jpg (398309 bytes)


Painted and mounted the Gas Tank and Muffler.

scrmtnk1.jpg (340000 bytes) scramtnk2.jpg (324988 bytes) muffler1.jpg (326244 bytes)  muffler2.jpg (338540 bytes)


Started to work on the Scrambler again. Ran all the lines. Fuel, throttle, choke. Will take some pictures tomorrow and post them. Still need to run some chains, finish the exhaust; that will complete all the major things. 



Pretty much done with the Scrambler. Just one problem with one of the Chain tensioners.


DSCF0153.JPG (337202 bytes)  DSCF0155.JPG (331363 bytes)




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