This is my  Recreatives RIM it's a 1975-76 Serial #10417 with the Chaparral 484cc two stroke. I got it from a local Farmer, who had it sitting in his Barn for the last twenty years.

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Been spending sometime working on the RIM.  I made new seat frames and three new seat cushions.

Still need to replace the front bottom seat cushion.  Then new wheels and tires.

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Well, I've Sold the RIM to a couple in Ga.  I didn't want to, but I'm running out of room in the Garage and I'm picking up a Marsh model Cushman Trackster. The fun for me is working on these Machines.  I really don't get a chance to run these Vehicles much, because I work seven days  a week, most of the time.  The RIM wasn't a full Restoration, but is Mechanically sound. I rebuilt the Engine, made a front Seat Frame, New Cushions, welded some cracks in the frame and Motor Mount. When I got it, it was in real bad shape mechanically, but now runs real strong.


Here are a few shots of Mark Harding's Recreatives  RIM. It's a 1975. Serial # 10376.

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