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Here are some photos of Gary Suvak's Play Cat. He said he will send more when he gets a chance.

 Gary sold his play cats to Darren Baker who lives in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I'm hoping to get more photos. 


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Ed Weller sent in these Photos of his Play Cat.

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Here are some photos of Douglas Islieb's 1970 Play Cat.  Model C+2. It's powered by the original Kohler 399-2t

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Here are a few pics of Darren Baker's Playcat and the email he sent me.

"It will be down for a few weeks as the hull is bent, suspension is bent tires popped, track teeth broke, sheer pins snapped, etc Might be a few weeks till she's up and running again, the pics I managed to get are not the bad ones even, the one with the machine near verticle was actually at full speed and it's the one that killed the machine. Darren"

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Danniel Behun sent in these photos of his playcat.

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David Veinot sent in these photos of his Raid-trac which he restored.

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