The All New Coot


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 Coot Tom Will be sending me more shots soon. I'll put them on the site as I get them.

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Here are a couple shots of Tom's Trip to Arizona.

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These pic.'s were taken in Afton Canyon on his way back from Arizona.

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New Coot

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Coot tom sent me some shots of his trip to AZ. with Howard and Connie. Here's the email he sent me, and some photos.

Hi Joe,

 We have returned from Az. and it was another very good trip. Howard and Connie took their coot (very nice) and a friend Cliff rode with me.
 The weather was very pleasant (75-80 deg.) with lots of sunshine.  We rode many miles in the desert and nearby hills.
  I would appreciate it if you would post these pics for me. ....Thanks in advance.
I would like to someday get  a coot rally where we could have many coots together.

 take care and thanks again,


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Coot Tom sent these photos of his trip to the Rubicon trail.

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