Muskeg Tractor

Bombardier Bombi J5D

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Some pics of a restored j5

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Here's a couple shots of Steve Grammont's Muskeg.

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Paul Mlerop sent in these photos of his Bombardier Pony Skidder and this description.

I I am attaching pictures of my 1967 Bombardier Pony Skidder.  "I bought it and stripped it down to the belly pan.  It was rebuilt with all new Bombardier Parts.  I added a 25 gpm/2000 psi hydraulic system, added a 4 way power angle plow, Braden HU-8 hydraulic winch, logging arch and a Ameriquip 80A Backhoe."

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This is Tim Nistler's 1968 J5 Bombardier.  Set up for Wild land Firefighting.

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This J5 was on Ebay, but the reserve wasn't met. Pretty nice J5!

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