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Here are some shots of the Coot I will be picking up at the end of September.

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Well, went and picked up the Coot.   Enola Pa. to La Crosse WI. $136.50 in Fuel, $82.40 in Tolls, 2000 miles round trip and  36 hours. WHAT A LONG RIDE!!!!!!!!  And only 5 hours of sleep! 

Matt Brown who I bought the Coot from did some nice work on the engine conversion. He put a CCW 2 Stroke 400cc in it. I was going to change it to a 4 stroke but I may leave it the way it is. It runs pretty nice.  

cootr12001_1001.jpg (132066 bytes)     cootr22001_1001_132245AA.jpg (125145 bytes)     cotftrtr2001_1002_134354AA.jpg (137174 bytes)     coottopr2001_1002_101649AA.jpg (111049 bytes)     cootsder2001_1002_134407AA.jpg (119726 bytes)

cootbkr22001_1002_101623AA.jpg (75936 bytes)     motor2001_1002_170106AA.JPG (86635 bytes)

The only thing I had to do, was adjust the brakes so far.


Pulled the Motor to make some changes and to inspect the Body.  Found a few bad spots where it was rusted all the way through. I'm going to Sandblast, fix the rusted areas and Prime and Paint it while I have it apart.

cootrst2001_1021_105639AA.JPG (86642 bytes)     cohole2001_1021_105836AA.JPG (86157 bytes)     cooteng12001_1021_105539AA.JPG (86655 bytes)     cootspk2001_1021_105623AA.JPG (85773 bytes)


Removed the remaining drive components.

Cooteng12001_1022_173538AA.JPG (83816 bytes)     Cooteng22001_1022_173551AA.JPG (86228 bytes)



Started to Sandblast inside and patch bad areas.

inside_B.jpg (84074 bytes)     inside_D.jpg (83469 bytes)     inside_L2.jpg (83760 bytes)



Sandblasted the Frame.

cootfram1.JPG (78907 bytes)     cootfrm.JPG (24862 bytes)


Here are a few shots of Bruce Noren's Hydrostatic Coot.

Mvc-001s.jpg (54848 bytes)     Mvc-002s.jpg (67026 bytes)    Mvc-003s.jpg (65077 bytes)

You can get the full Story at Bruce's Site.


Been working on the 400 cc CCW  Engine that's in the Coot. Put new Pistons and Rings in, but been having problems with the electrical system!  It would only fire on cylinder one and the problem was intermittent. After replacing the points and condensers and checking all the wires coming off the primary coils on the stator plate.  I finely found what the problem was. a ground wire coming off one of the two primary coils was pinched but you couldn't see it with the naked eye you had to use a magnifying glass. It was grounding out to the outside of one of the condensers. I repaired the wire and coated it with a silicon to insulate it from the condenser. So far so good.   I still have the Engine on the bench. I have it set up so I can run it. Makes it a lot easier then having it in the Vehicle.  

cooteng12002_0122_211106AA.JPG (46088 bytes)     cooteng22002_0122_211117AA.JPG (47304 bytes)     cooteng32002_0122_211126AA.JPG (45932 bytes)


Thought I had the problem fixed, but it turned out that the points were bad. The NOS points that I bought were just as bad as the one's that were in the engine. I guess sitting around on a shelf for 25 years took it's toll on the insulating components. I took the points apart and replaced the insulating washers with new nylon washers and screw shields.  I got the engine running on the bench and ran it for about four hours just to make sure everything was ok before I put it back in the vehicle.  the following photos, show how it looks right now.  After I get all the bugs out.  I'll remove everything again and paint it.

cooteng2002_0128_151226AA.JPG (162278 bytes)     cooteng22002_0128_151410AA.JPG (167684 bytes)     cootcarb2002_0128_151420AA.JPG (169672 bytes)     cootexht2002_0128_151432AA.JPG (170406 bytes)

cootfrt2002_0128_151759AA.JPG (170285 bytes)     cootrt2002_0128_151748AA.JPG (171342 bytes)



I gave up on the CCW Motor! The problem was with the Stator Plate Coils. Couldn't find new ones and I didn't want to put used ones in or put any more money into it so, I Bought and rebuilt a JLO Rockwell 340. I put it on the bench and made a few timing adjustments, primed the fuel line and gave it a couple pulls and it started right up. I put it in the Coot and ran it around the yard... SO FAR SO GOOD!   This Engine runs real nice!  Just need to hook up a muffler.

jloeng12001_0504_115539AA.JPG (86332 bytes)     jloeng22001_0504_115607AA.JPG (86838 bytes)



cooteng2002_0628_210224AA.JPG (81498 bytes)     cooteng22002_0628_210246AA.JPG (86256 bytes)     cooteng32002_0628_210304AA.JPG (88725 bytes)


cooteng42002_0629_080613AA.JPG (85865 bytes)     cooteng52002_0629_080549AA.JPG (85689 bytes)     cooteng62002_0629_080637AA.JPG (85227 bytes)

coot92002_0629_081021AA.JPG (92384 bytes)


Here is a pic of  Randy Zacks Coot.

randy's Coot.jpg (85814 bytes)


Coottom sent in these photos of another one of his trips.  The pic.s were taken near Lake Tahoe on trails near the Rubicon trail. 

MVC-002F9-1.jpg (102618 bytes)  MVC-003F9-2.jpg (134860 bytes)  MVC-005F9-2.jpg (134583 bytes)  MVC-008F9-2.jpg (133490 bytes)  MVC-009F9-2.jpg (140243 bytes)


Been spending some time on my coot. Ended up putting a single cylinder 20hp two stroke in it. Here are a few shots.


DSCF0031.JPG (87228 bytes)  DSCF0030.JPG (86729 bytes)  DSCF0035.JPG (86563 bytes)


Traded the Coot for an AMF Sur-Trek.



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