Well, after along time of thinking about what I was going to do to this thing.  I decided not to restore it to manufactures spec's.  The drive system is such a poor design, that putting it back to original condition  wouldn't do it justice. I want something I can use!  I can't believe that they sold this vehicle, at least the one I've got, with the configuration that it has and from what I understand they changed the drive system of this vehicle, over the years that it was produced. Mine has no emergency brake, so if you were on a hill and the engine died... JUMP!!!!   The worst part of the drive system is the transmission.  The engine is a kohler k662 22hp, not a bad motor in it's day.  I called kohler about rebuilding it.  they said I could, but I should up grade to a new motor, because of parts and performance.  So, I'm going to put a new Kohler Command 20hp and ether a T20, or Argo Transmission in.  I'm leaning towards the Argo Tranny because of the Hi and Lo range.

UPDATE... After playing around with the second Cat that I bought.  I've come to like the drive train set up.  The only thing it needs is an emergency brake.  They definitely weren't built for speed!  Lots of power!  I had to move my Coot, and I used the Cat to tow it. It pulled the 1500 lb Coot, up a 15% grade, at ideal.  It was like it wasn't there!  It does still need the engine upgrade. I have the Kohler 20 that I bought to use in my other Cat, but I think I'm going to buy a Honda 24 V-twin to use in the Camo Cat.  It will definitely improve it's performance...


cattrail.JPG (88905 bytes) First Day Home.

paddlewh.JPG (92260 bytes) Someone added a Paddle Wheel and a upper section made from 2x6 Planks. I removed all this. See next pictures.

enginecov.JPG (79750 bytes) Padwhel.JPG (84625 bytes) padwhel2.JPG (85251 bytes)

                           I removed all the drive components.   enginehoust.JPG (315889 bytes) engine2.JPG (317885 bytes)

                           Here's a few shots of the inside with everything removed. sidecln.JPG (313088 bytes) side2cln.JPG (316649 bytes)

                            I have a few more things to do, and then I'm going to Sandblast the body, and patch some holes.

  catfuel.JPG (305331 bytes) backcln.JPG (310728 bytes) 

                             Here's a shot of the Kohler k662.kolher662.JPG (215957 bytes)

                                                     What I plan to do. newengine.jpg (103816 bytes)


 Removed the Frameframeout.JPG (83464 bytes) frame3.JPG (82580 bytes)                                                   

              Someone added a home made Snowplow. plow2.jpg (77414 bytes)         


          The only things left to remove are the Control Sticks and Wiring.controls.JPG (80266 bytes)                                                                        


Removed all Wiring, Control Sticks and Master Cylinder.controls.JPG (80266 bytes)  control1.JPG (82939 bytes)  cntrol2.JPG (82255 bytes)

control3.JPG (81315 bytes)  control4.JPG (79592 bytes)  control5.JPG (79776 bytes)  

This Pedal is for pumping up the Clutch Cylinder which engaged the Drive Belt.brkass2.JPG (82944 bytes)  cyl.jpg (54829 bytes)



Started to Sand the Body.cat_floor 4-11-01.JPG (83564 bytes)  cat_floor2 4-11-01.JPG (80028 bytes)  cat-floor3 4-11-01.JPG (79332 bytes) Got a long way too go!

One of the previous owners patched the body.( Filled in Dents ) cat_front 4-11-01.JPG (86392 bytes)  cat_front2 4-11-01.JPG (86602 bytes)


Started to Sandblast the body... Not a fun job!  I have an inexpensive unit which clogs a lot.       

                                 control5.JPG (79776 bytes)  sand6-13.JPG (84706 bytes)    control4.JPG (79592 bytes)   san6-132.JPG (89180 bytes)   

                                cat_ftlt.jpg (102273 bytes)   cat_ft.jpg (107210 bytes)    control3.JPG (81315 bytes)   san6-133.JPG (81763 bytes)


Started to Sandblast some of the Sprockets.  Here are some before and after shots.

Sprok1.JPG (93170 bytes)     Sprok2.JPG (89138 bytes)


The Sandblasting is coming along slow but sure.

inside 6-24.JPG (89271 bytes)     insidebk.JPG (92153 bytes)     insidebk2.JPG (93469 bytes)     insideft2.JPG (87630 bytes)


Here's some before and after shots  form the back. 

Right now I'm getting all the heavy rust off. 

Then I will fine Sandblast it.   

   bknoframe.JPG (82790 bytes)     insideft.JPG (87663 bytes)     

insidebk3.jpg (59255 bytes)



8-6-01cat1.JPG (107083 bytes)     8-6-01cat2.JPG (109282 bytes)     8-6-01cat3.JPG (102766 bytes)     8-6-01cat4.JPG (121353 bytes)     


Cat2001_0818AA.JPG (89649 bytes)     cat22001_0818_161305AA.JPG (84685 bytes)     cat32001_0818_161321AA.JPG (91921 bytes)     cat42001_0818_161335AA.JPG (92298 bytes)


inside42001_0822_202818AA.JPG (86459 bytes)     inside32001_0822_202843AA.JPG (85202 bytes)     inside2001_0822_202811AA.JPG (86391 bytes)     inside22001_0822_202848AA.JPG (88024 bytes)


Finished the first coat of Primer on the inside. 

ltftinsd2001_0825_161318AA.JPG (83316 bytes)     ftinside2001_0825_161312AA.JPG (83724 bytes)     Inside2001_0825_161258AA.JPG (86617 bytes)     

bkrinsde2001_0825_161459AA.JPG (85168 bytes)     rtoutsde2001_0825_161433AA.JPG (92168 bytes)



Next I'll Sandblast the Fuel Tank and Prime it.

fueltk2001_0827_191602AA.JPG (90842 bytes)     fueltk22001_0827_191618AA.JPG (88865 bytes)


First Coat of Primer.

fueltk2001_0901_170746AA.JPG (89880 bytes)     fueltk22001_0901_170806AA.JPG (92142 bytes)


Stop back for updates!


Haven't spent anytime on the Catagator. I've been working on my Trackster and Coot. Hope to get back to it soon. Keep checking back for up dates!


Decided to keep the kohler k-662 and see if I can get it running better then it does. It idles fine but when you give it throttle it won't pick up RPM's.  I'm going to rebuild the Carburetor first. I've called Kohler, just waiting to hear from them about parts. Here are a few photos. 

          k662-42002_0713_215338AA.JPG (86094 bytes)     k662-62002_0713_215330AA.JPG (86033 bytes)


Well... Got the K-662 running but Kohler tells me that they no longer support this engine! You can still get Rings and Pistons and some gaskets but nothing else! It's an antique! Luckily the compression is good... I cleaned the Carb and fixed the fuel regulator and that's all it needed.  


Resumed work on the Catagator.  Began Sandblasting the Frame. 

frame.JPG (147507 bytes)     Frame3.JPG (152712 bytes)    Frame4.JPG (163007 bytes)


Finished the frame and the Clutches.

drivline2002_0829_175120AA.JPG (83537 bytes) n    cattran2002_0829_174958AA.JPG (86192 bytes)     cattran22002_0829_175027AA.JPG (88666 bytes)     cattran42002_0829_182952AA.JPG (86744 bytes)     cattran52002_0829_183007AA.JPG (84960 bytes)

cattran62002_0829_183020AA.JPG (84358 bytes)


Started to reinstall drive components. Had the Clutch Bands Relined.  Bought a Kohler Command 20hp to use with this Vehicle. Should receive it in about a week.

     clutch12002_0902_171208AA.JPG (86135 bytes)     clutch22002_0902_171224AA.JPG (82181 bytes)     clutch32002_0902_171231AA.JPG (88442 bytes)     clutch42002_0902_171253AA.JPG (88796 bytes)     clutran2002_0902_180505AA.JPG (83930 bytes)     clutanft2002_0902_180650AA.JPG (83387 bytes)

     clutran22002_0902_180530AA.JPG (85049 bytes)     clutran22002_0902_180609AA.JPG (82743 bytes)v     fttan12002_0902_174430AA.JPG (85734 bytes)     torclose2002_0902_180707AA.JPG (80038 bytes)     torkft2002_0902_180658AA.JPG (83330 bytes)     tran12002_0902_174305AA.JPG (81091 bytes)

tran22002_0902_174340AA.JPG (83545 bytes)     


Before and After shot.

clutanft2002_0902_180650AA.JPG (83387 bytes)    


Bought New # 50 Roller Chain.

newchain2002_0905_221010AA.JPG (85592 bytes)     nuchain22002_0905_221000AA.JPG (85687 bytes)


chainon2002_0906_135924AA.JPG (86577 bytes)     Chainon22002_0906_135948AA.JPG (84630 bytes)     chainon32002_0906_135849AA.JPG (83213 bytes)



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