AMF Sur Trek

American Machine & Foundry Company

York, Pennsylvania

Thanks to Steve for the Photos.

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CJ's AMF Sur-Trek

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Picked up a AMF Sur-Trek 

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Overall, not in bad shape.


Sur-Trek Restoration 

3-15-08 Started to do some body repair..

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Had too fabricate a motor mount, also pulled the Transmission; need to replace the shifter arm.

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Mounted up the Engine to the Transmission.

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Big set back! I was trying to remove the motor mount from the top of the transmission case. The motor mount is cast iron... needless to say, I broke it...*DAMN*!!!

Looks like I'll be making one out of Aluminum. 

Motor Mount broke.JPG (592415 bytes)

Sending the top of the case off too have a new shifter arm fabricated.

TransCase1.JPG (680092 bytes) Sur-trek Transmission2.jpg (543430 bytes)

Inside of the case: Gears have rust on them, but not much ware.. Richard Clark of *Route 6x6 * has a rebuild kit for $450.00


Sur-trek inside trans.JPG (627332 bytes) Sur-trek inside trans2.JPG (611263 bytes)


Got the Serial / Production  # off the Sur-Trek.

It's 000079.

sur-trek slinger's AMF  is # 000087

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Fabricated a new motor mount. Just roughed out. 

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All so cleaned up the transmission. Need to get the corrosion off the shafts.

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Got the Surtrek running. All major problems are fixed. 

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Here's a video of my Surtrek.


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