Passe Partout

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This E mail was sent to me by one of the original Engineers of this Vehicle.

Name: Bob Cantin
E-mail address:

Interesting to accidentally run into your site! I worked with Vacartier Industries in Quebec in developing the PasseParTout tracked vehicle in the early 70's,I was doing the R&D on the original recreational models, with the goal to convert it to a light industrial tractor. I bought the PPT production facility and parts, and moved it all to western Canada. We switched the unit into a more industrial type of vehicle by beefing up the frame and undercarriage and switching to 4-cycle power.
I then had the vehicle spec'd to the US government(USDA and military), at which time I sold the operation to an American Co., and they moved the production facility to Michigan.
Over the years, we had the opportunity to assess the Cushaman Trackster(Cushman in Minneapolis was actually my distributor)while the Cushman/OMC lawsuit was in the courts, the Terra-Jet, and the Playcat(which was forced to change their undercarriage because they had infringed on the patented PPT drive system).
I still have all the engineering blueprints for ALL the models of PPT, quite a few hard parts, and a lot of new St. Lawrence drive clutches.
Anyone looking for parts or production info on the PPT can contact me at the above e-mail address---Bob C

Saturday, April 6th 2002 - 01:26:45 AM


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This is Tim Wafer's 620 PPT.

Visit his site at... Tim The Toolman Wafer



Here are a few shots of a nice looking PPT that was on E-bay.

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These PPTs are only twenty minutes from me.

Going tomorrow to look at them. Thinking about buying one.




Picked up the PPT. It's in pretty bad shape.

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Got one running, but needs a lot of work!




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